Agricultural farm trailer for sale:
Do you need a robust agricultural trailer for farm usage that will last a lifetime? Trail Acc Trailer Manufacturers & Sales build these farm trailers for sale to the highest quality using heavy duty brakeless double axles with a carrying capacity of 2800kg. Designed to transport farm equipment or used during harvesting, there is no need for the trailers to be roadworthy. Ideally suitable to be towed by a tractor, bakkie or 4x4 over any terrain.

Farm trailer specifications:

Type Length Width Tarra GVM Price
Farm trailer 4m 1,8m 3600kg    

Additional features:
Drop sides on all sides.
No brakes (optional)
No papers (optional)
2 years guarantee on workmanship
1 year warrantee on axle
Tow vehicle specifications: Any suitable tractor, bakkie or 4x4 can be used.

To buy your own farm trailer, contact us today for best prices. Our well trained sales staff will assist you.

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